Present disclosure provides a system and method for providing multiple transactions by tapping multiple cards consecutively on a Point of Sale (PoS) device (104) for a single payment. The system may include a PoS device (104) and a network server (109). The PoS device (104) receives merchant input for a payment. The merchant (102) input includes total transaction amount and payment split input into the PoS device (104). The payment split input indicates the total number of customers who desire to divide the total transaction amount within themselves. The PoS device (104) splits the total amount by the number input by the merchant (102). The PoS device (104) then receives payment card information related to each of the at least two customers (105, 106) based on the split calculation. After receiving all the payment card details, the PoS device (104) sends the card details to the network server (109) for authorisation. The network server (109) sends authorization requests related to each of the at least two customers (105, 106) to a respective acquirer entity via the communication network (108). Upon receiving authorization responses from the network server (109), the PoS device (104) generates a single receipt to the merchant including the multiple payment transactions details related to each of the at least two customers (105, 106). This reduces the idling time on the PoS device (104). Thereby, a quicker and efficient payment process may be achieved.

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Creative Commons License
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