Adam Schaeffer


A challenge with current video conferencing platforms and services is that not all such entities provide a standard method for connectivity. To address such challenges, techniques are presented herein that enhance a video conference experience. In particular, aspects of the presented techniques leverage proven technology to substantially simplify the process of using a Universal Serial Bus (USB)-enabled video room system with any meeting software with which a user might attempt to connect. Further, aspects of the presented techniques support the addition of calendaring and automation to a video room system to greatly simplify the process and ensure that the user experience is as simple and as straight forward as possible. For example, when a user walks into a conference room with a video room system that is enabled according to aspects of the techniques presented herein, he or she will see a schedule on the video room system’s calendar display, they may connect their computer or laptop to the video room system through a (e.g., USB-C) cable, and the video room system will send commands to the computer causing it to automatically start a meeting.

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Creative Commons License
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