This publication describes techniques for image data compensation that prevent display artifacts on an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display when the refresh rate and the clock speed of the display are changed. The OLED display may be implemented in a mobile device that supports multiple refresh rates. To conserve power, the mobile device may alter the refresh rate and clock speed of the OLED display from a first refresh rate and clock speed to a second refresh rate and clock speed. Image data intended to be displayed on a particular pixel row of the OLED display may be compensated based on the first refresh rate, the second refresh rate, and the location of the particular pixel row within the OLED display to generate compensated image data. Using the techniques described herein, the compensated image data may be output for use in preventing display artifacts while the image data is displayed in a first frame after the refresh rate and clock speed are changed.

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Creative Commons License
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