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User personalization/customization always has higher significance in any product segments. Every

enhancement in this area helps in bringing out better user centric product experience. This abstract

details on one such feature in the printers.

There are existing user options for a print that enables the user to print in draft, normal or best

quality mode. Along with these, user can also choose to print the output in black only or color. These

options are either applied for the entire job or the entire page.

However, there exists no option to control individual colors in the print output. Sometimes, users

might also like to print a content with a tinge of specific color. For some of the printed outputs, user

might want to enhance a specific color. For example: while printing a nature landscape photo, user

might want to enhance the green color (to be printed at even better quality than other colors) in the

photo. To achieve this, user must manually edit the photo using photo editor tools before printing.

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Creative Commons License
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