The pattern in which hot air is generated in data center aisles may be leveraged to create a windmill effect. Such an effect may be harnessed whereby the wind energy is converted into mechanical energy thus supporting a regenerative source of power. Such power may then be used to contribute to the energy efficiency of the data center. However, the majority of the hot air that is generated by equipment in a data center is not captured and is allowed to escape. To address such a situation, presented herein are techniques through which a waste resource (i.e., the hot air that is exhausted by data center equipment) may be captured and then converted into clean energy. Aspects of the presented techniques encompass, among other things, the innovative redirection (i.e., polarization) of airflow to increase the velocity of exhausted air to create a "vortex" effect, the strategic placement of either new equipment intake and exhaust configurations or commercially-available baffles to maximize such a vortex, the use of commercially-available Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) to capture the vortex, and the redirection of the vertical rotation of a VAWT into horizontal rotation with such motion then transferred to generators for the production of electrical power.

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