Within the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Fifth Generation (5G) architecture, the N2 interface provides for the interconnection between a gNodeB (gNB) and an Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF). The N2 interface facilitates exchanges of signaling messages between the gNB and the AMF related to user equipment (UE) registration, Protocol Data Unit (PDU) session establishment, PDU session resource setup, handover, etc. Signaling messages received by an endpoint (e.g., gNB or AMF) on the N2 interface are processed in the order that they are received, however, this can lead to latency for processing critical messages/procedures. Techniques herein provide techniques through which signaling message prioritization can be provided on the 3GPP N2 interface, which can reduce the latency for control plane signaling for critical procedures, such as handovers, etc.

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