A computing device (e.g., a cellular phone, a smartphone, a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a tablet computer, a portable gaming device, a watch, etc.) may select and display one or more information objects based on contextual information (e.g., user behavior information, device behavior information, interaction information, user information, preference information, time information, news information, etc.) associated with user interactions (e.g., applications initialized by the user, instructions provided by the user, information requested by the user, etc.) with the computing device over time. For example, the computing device may utilize this contextual information to select, based on the current context of the computing device, one or more information objects that may be relevant or of interest to the user and output such information objects to the user. The computing device may present such information objects to the user at appropriate times and/or locations based on the contextual information and on various screens (e.g., always-on screen, lock screen, home screen, etc.) of the computing device. In some cases, the computing device may share an indication of the selected information objects to other devices associated with the user so that the other devices may similarly display the information objects.

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Creative Commons License
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