When taking notes using a stylus, users often want to quickly make space to insert additional content in their note. In current applications, the procedure to move content to create space is tedious. While some tools provide an explicit make-space button, it requires switching context, which takes the user out of the flow of their writing or drawing. This disclosure describes a make-space gesture for use with stylus or finger input on touchscreens that obviates context switching and smoothly aligns with the user’s workflow. The user draws an arbitrary line (which can be straight, curved, or jagged) across the page on the touchscreen and taps or drags the line. The user action of tapping or dragging is interpreted as an indication that the line is a gesture, not a stroke. Upon such input, content near the line is moved to make space on the page. If the user continues drawing or writing, the line is interpreted as a stroke.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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