Within a computer network environment, solutions that address the issue of performance degradation between a network interface controller (NIC) and a disk device (i.e., NIC-to-disk) are lacking. To address that lack, techniques are presented herein that support a Smart NIC (SmartNIC) containing a built-in storage controller that leverages multiple metrics (e.g., storage throughput, storage disk health, and Internet Protocol (IP) traffic throughput) to influence network configuration and/or flow control on a remote SmartNIC and, thus, address NIC-to-disk performance. For example, a SmartNIC may detect congestion or a speed mismatch between itself and the disk to which it is writing and then signal to a remote SmartNIC or router to enable traffic shaping for a data flow so that the flow conforms to a speed that does not exceed the receiver's NIC-to-disk transfer rate.

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Creative Commons License
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