Shopping aggregator services list products and services from third-party sellers and marketplaces. Sellers can choose to use shopping aggregators for listing only or can delegate the entire selling operation to the shopping aggregator service. In each case, the front-end selling aspects of the transaction and the back-end payment and order processing are performed by a single entity. This disclosure describes mechanisms that unbundle the full chain of operations for an e-commerce transaction by separating the user interface of the front-end selling operation from the back-end operations, enabling shopping aggregators to handle front-end selling while enabling sellers and marketplaces to retain control over back-end order processing and fulfilment. The mechanisms include utilizing encryption and key-management infrastructure to enable data exchange and can be implemented by any platform or application that acts as a shopping aggregator. Customer experience is improved by enabling shopping in context. The mechanisms can generate higher conversion and sales volume for sellers while allowing them to remain in control of the post-order customer experience.

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Creative Commons License
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