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One of the benefits of the 3MF language is that it allows to encode a single geometry representation

when multiple instances of the same object are willed to be printed. However, there are situations in

which while most of the model is exactly the same, there may be subtle differences like some labeling

or small feature attached to the model, which makes it different. To overcome this situation a Boolean

operations extension has been proposed. The Boolean Operations extension allow to operation using

3 basic operations (union, difference and intersection) to compose a final object referencing some

base models. While this allows a better reuse of geometries in the file, it can introduce some issues

when dimensional adjustments are applied, and more specifically when surface offset are applied to

the individual geometries referenced from the Boolean operations. In this invention disclosure we

propose a method to adjust the position of the Boolean operations models, so that it does not distort

the printed object.

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Creative Commons License
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