When a network device comes online, a fair amount of manual configuration needs to take place before the device is fully functional. Day Zero techniques automate such processes, bringing network devices into a functional state with minimal- to no-touch. However, today a resilient Ethernet protocol (which for convenience may be referred herein to as ‘REP’) does not support Day Zero technologies, since by design there is no support for this requirement at the protocol level. Consequently, current REP ring provisioning requires manual intervention, is time consuming, and involves high operational cost. To address these types of challenges, techniques are presented herein that support configuring REP rings with zero-touch technologies. Aspects of the techniques presented herein introduce a new type-length-value (TLV) encoding scheme to the existing REP Link Status Layer (LSL) protocol data unit (PDU) to carry special flags and Plug and Play (PnP) information.

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Creative Commons License
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