The present disclosure is related to field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and finance that provides AI based methods and systems for maximizing credit card revenue. The objective of the methods and systems disclosed in the present disclosure is to induce spending by personalizing offers and communications that are tailored towards customer need, identifying potential revolvers in the credit card portfolio to give them right line of credit and treatment to enrich their revolving experience, build portfolio balance through installment loan sell and proactively, identifying potential attritors and stop the portfolio leakage. To achieve the aforementioned objectives, the claimed invention provides a hybrid market recommender for personalizing offers and communications, revolve prediction model for identifying revolving behaviour, instalment prediction model for identifying installment loan takers, balance attrition model for identifying potential customer leakage, and heavy machine learning models for predictive model development. Further, the present disclosure also provides an all in one robust and comprehensive solution that is a combination of all the aforementioned models and provide targeted recommendations to a group of similar customers.

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Creative Commons License
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