The evolution of cloud native application architectures has yielded infrastructures (comprising microservices, etc.) entailing a variety of challenges. The need exists for an optimum ‘Event Mesh’ type of technique for sending data via asynchronous event handling mechanisms across cloud scale data center sites (e.g., in different regions) that is agnostic to any underlying facilities. Such a sharing of contextual data between clusters across hybrid cloud environments may be referred to as ‘Hybrid Cloud Chaining’ within the context of the techniques that are presented herein. To address the types of challenges that were described above, techniques are presented herein that provide an adaptive Event Mesh-driven method to identify an optimum traffic engineered path, through the use of Segment Routing over Internet Protocol (IP) version 6 (SRv6) elements, for performing ‘cloud chaining’ across clusters in a hybrid cloud environment.

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Creative Commons License
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