A computing device (e.g., a cellular phone, a smartphone, a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a tablet computer, a portable gaming device, a watch, etc.) may display, via a display (which is usually rectangular in shape), a graphical element of an analog clock (which is usually circular in shape) that dynamically changes size and/or position at least in part based on the time of day. Rather than display the entirety of the clock, the computing device may size and resize the clock such that the display only displays a portion of the clock but at a larger scale, allowing for the radius of the clock to exceed approximately half of the shorter length of the display. Furthermore, to ensure that the clock still effectively indicates the time of day, the computing device may position and reposition the clock such that the display always displays the entirety of a minute hand and the entirety of an hour hand of the clock. In this way, the clock may occupy more of the display and appear more visually dynamic, thereby potentially improving the user experience of the computing device.

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