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This publication describes techniques directed at automatically switching to a rear-facing, wide-angle camera when a user utilizes a “rear selfie mode” on a foldable mobile device (e.g., foldable smartphone). Rear selfie mode and similar modes allow users to take self-portrait photographs (“selfies”) using the rear-facing camera on a foldable mobile device. Foldable mobile devices may utilize a camera with a standard lens by default when the rear selfie mode is entered. Selfies have a limited field of view due to a short camera distance from the user, so a wide-angle camera is desirable when taking selfies. Switching to a wide-angle camera often takes the user several steps, causing a potential photo opportunity to be missed and may cause frustration for the user. If a foldable mobile device is configured to automatically switch to a wide-angle camera upon entering a rear selfie mode, users would be able to capture more subjects and objects without taking unneeded time switching to the wide-angle camera themselves.

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Creative Commons License
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