This publication describes techniques that enable a developer of an operating system (OS) to protect a user(s) and/or an electronic device(s) (e.g., a smartphone) by detecting, disabling, and/or removing a third-party application(s) that may be a potentially harmful application (PHA). The PHA may cause signature symptoms on the smartphone of the user. The signature symptoms may be related to a performance of the smartphone (e.g., the smartphone crashes), billing fraud, unwanted applications, a battery of the smartphone, a temperature of the smartphone, and so forth. Using a search engine, the user may submit a search query regarding the signature symptoms the user may be experiencing with their smartphone. In an anonymized way, the developer of the OS may utilize nowcasting of web data to detect, disable, and/or remove the PHA from the smartphone and/or the application marketplace.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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