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This publication describes techniques and apparatuses that enable an electronic device (e.g., a smartphone) with at least one camera to capture high-quality static frames, a burst of frames, and/or video recordings. The camera includes at least one image sensor. In addition to the image sensor, the camera and/or the smartphone may include other sensors. The other sensors may include one or more phase-detection sensor, motion sensor (e.g., gyroscope, accelerometer), motion-detection sensor (e.g., proximity sensor), spectral sensor, light-intensity sensor, ambient light sensor, and so forth. The camera uses an algorithm(s) that performs an auto white balance (AWB), an auto brightness control (ABC), and an autofocus (AF) of a scene in a field of view (FOV) of the camera. In addition, the camera uses a scene detector software that utilizes a machine-learned model to classify a type of scene in the FOV of the camera. Using information from the image sensor and the other sensors, the algorithm and the scene detector software enable the camera to capture frames with accurate and/or natural colors, tones, and/or hues.

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Creative Commons License
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