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Customers always face USB type C related problems in products generation after generation,

like, TBT/USB node drop(device missing in device manager, no yellow ban),YB, no display,…etc.,

Especially when USB type C today can‐do DP Alt mode. These issues are very often since our

computer is new design, but the USB peripherals are already in the market for a while, it is

difficult to get all the device and test it completely. Besides, for some kinds of issue, there is no

error in OS layer sometimes, user just do not know what’s happen .The thing they often to do

are trying to recover the device node by a hot‐plug ,but it is not always success to rebuild the

low‐level linking channel by replunging. These issues will waste the cost of customer service to

help customers resolve such task due to not all of them have the knowledge to do so.

Moreover, we might need to call back and modify it by HW running change if the device

random drop, but customer do not accept the re‐plug solution. Here we provide a solution to

solve the problem to enhance the user experience and save the service cost.

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