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In page wide array printers, the advance of the media through the print zone has a high impact on image

quality attributes such as margin registration, skew banding and horizontal banding, among others.

To compensate for mechanical tolerances that can affect the print quality, the media advance needs to

be calibrated in the printer. This calibration is based on characterizing media advance error in the form of

parameters to a predetermined model, followed by the correction of their deviations from the nominal


In current products this calibration is done as part of the manufacturing process and requires specialized

instruments and skilled operators. Existing user‐side calibrations are limited in resolution and accuracy,

mainly due to the limitations of the embedded line sensor that is used in the calibration.

In this report a new calibration process is described, based on a new diagnostic plot that, after being

printed and scanned with a 2D scanner, is analyzed by an image processing algorithm that automatically

calculates the media advance error of the printer. These measurements are subsequently converted into

model parameters.

This new solution can be performed by any kind of user since it is automatic, and by using the

integrated in‐printer scanner it can achieve a much better resolution than previous calibrations.

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