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There has exist different TILE usage in marketing already especially for individual TILE

module, for NB the onboard TILE is more useful due to individual TILE is easy to remove.

However, individual TILE using its own battery and easy to replace but NB rely on system

power, even we build in an individual coin battery for onboard TILE it still hard to replace

that battery for user, therefore the system power still the best option for onboard TILE


To support TILE in each power state is required but the challenge is how we can save the

system power especially in MS support system since it consume much more power than

S4/S5. Same case for TILE ring function support, it need a device can output beep sound,

using buzzer have additional cost and might not able to put into slim unit but using

onboard audio codec will consume more power in MS mode, means in MS mode not only

BT/WLAN radios need to active but also audio path (codec/AMP…etc.) need to workable

also consume more power.

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