This disclosure describes a method to transmit and receive information between two line of sight endpoints at the same time eliminating the signal jamming possibility. The communication takes place at night time or adequately low light conditions. Two endpoints that need to communicate with each other are positioned at a known pre-configured distance from each other. They can see each other in a line-of-sight manner. They are stationary relative to each other. the information to be transmitted will be displayed as a video stream on a video display at one endpoint. The other endpoint to which this information needs to be transferred has a telescope which is pointed at the information displaying video display on the information transmitting endpoint. The telescope fitted with a video camera at this information receiving endpoint can record and store the video stream the other endpoint is displaying. Both the endpoints are equipped with a telescope plus a video display configuration. Both endpoints can both transmit and receive information at the same time. The information is encoded as pixel patterns. The pixel patterns after receiving are decoded to meaningful information according to a pre-configured decoding method.

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Creative Commons License
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