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The invention relates to a burner produced by 3-D printing. Either the burner or some components of the burner can be thereby manufactured in a piece. Preferably, the entire burner is printed as a monolithic piece. This monolithic burner is more potent than a burner of comparable size, uses much less material than traditional burners, and is much easier to maintain and clean because of its simplicity. In addition, one component or some components of the burner is produced in a monolithic structure to eliminate the unstacking/restacking of burner components during cleaning. For example, one monolithic structure is pot support combined with a ring of fuel ports. The invention further provides a complicated air-gas guiding structure for improving the airflow mechanism of the burner, which is quickly built via 3-D printing technology, and for which conventional manufacturing techniques struggle to duplicate.

Accordingly, the invention provides a monolithic burner, unique features, and shapes, which can be obtained in a single piece by 3-D printing to improve durability, reduce complexity in assembly, and be easily cleaned.

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Creative Commons License
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