The stringent performance criteria that are required in a, for example, Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Fifth Generation (5G) fronthaul network raise a number of challenges. To address those types of challenges, techniques are presented herein that support, among other things, removing path asymmetry at a service layer to align the signal at an air interface in 3GPP Fourth Generation (4G) or 5G converged wireless and optical transport (often referred to as 'XHaul'), fronthaul, or centralized radio access network (C-RAN) use cases; thus, equalizing the delay between an uplink and a downlink direction. Aspects of the techniques presented herein encompass, among other things, a custom extension header in a Radio over Ethernet (RoE) packet to support the conveyance of timestamps, the dynamic configuration of a re-timer buffer depth, etc. Additionally, aspects of the techniques presented herein may be leveraged for other transport applications where, for example, an application over a transport network expects a symmetric delay as a wider scope.

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Creative Commons License
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