A user equipment (UE) employing a data-only subscriber identity module (SIM) is configured to ignore or skip non-preferred public land mobile networks (PLMNs). For example, the UE is restricted to a predefined list of (preferred) PLMNs stored at the UE. When the UE determines that a registered PLMN or a home PLMN is not available, the UE compares available PLMNs (if any) to the predefined list of PLMNs. If an available PLMN is identified as a preferred PLMN based on the predefined list of PLMNs, the UE selects and attempts to register on the PLMN. However, if no available PLMNs are identified as a preferred PLMN, the UE does not attempt to register with these “non-preferred” PLMNs.

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Creative Commons License
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