The enhanced Common Public Radio Interface (eCPRI) specification presents a probabilistic method for link rate negotiation in an eCPRI and Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) interworking scenario which gets further complicated and more time consuming due to presence of two interim CPRI links and one fronthaul network path, generally resulting in multiple iterations of CPRI negotiations in the interim links. To address these types of challenges techniques are presented herein that support, among other things, bringing the eCPRI link rate negotiation on par with the rate negotiation which is employed in a direct point-to-point connected CPRI link so that, among other things, the multiple iterations may be reduced or eliminated. That is, a Radio Equipment Controller (REC) and the Radio Equipment (RE) start the link rate negotiation at the same time or the REC's transmit (Tx) cycle and RE's receive (Rx) cycles are phase aligned and start at the same time (similar to the direct point-to-point CPRI link).

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Creative Commons License
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