This disclosure describes a method to create an augmented reality viewer with a comparatively small form factor. Four beam splitters of equal size are used in this method with a larger single beam splitter. Three smaller video screens will be used with three smaller focusing lenses while a larger video screen is used with one larger focusing lens. The three projections of the three smaller video screens will directly fall into three of the smaller beam splitters after being focused on by the smaller lenses. The projection of the larger video screen will fall into the remaining small beam splitter after being focused by the larger focusing lens and after reflecting off the larger beam splitter. The four smaller beam splitters are arranged in a way that each beam splitter will get a projection from one of the video screens from one of the four directions. The combined effect is the four beam splitters with the assistance of the larger beam splitter and the four lenses combine the four video footages of the four video screens to produce one combined larger video footage. The combined larger video footage will be reflecting off the beam splitters towards the user’s right eye. And the video projection will be properly focused so that the user can view the video footage.

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Creative Commons License
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