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XL printer was released in 2015 as a complete and fast solution for printing technical plots. It has

demonstrated to be one of the stronger platforms and nowadays the contributions and sales of this

platform are consolidated.

This platform has a belt-based traction system with pinch wheels and vacuum to ensure traction force

that allows to move roll media from a drawer below a print bar.

The platform belt system architecture is not only able to move flexible and roll media, it has the

capability of moving heavier and rigid media (up to 1500 gsm) and the new series has introduced a

media input for cut sheet (pre-cut) media.

Since the platform is a solution for fast production printing the obvious next step is to provide a system

that could feed cut sheet media to the printer at a similar rate that could be fed from the roll media in

the drawers. This system is the Sheet-feeder, a printer accessory that can be latched to the media input

and feed the printer with the required cut sheet media in an automatic way.

The sheetfeeder should be able to load a considerable number of pre-cut sheets and, for this reason,

needs a loading tray where the user can stack the media that wants to use. That tray has a top load

system, it means that the top sheet is the one picked from the stack. Because of this, the tray must be

able to position the top media at the right height.

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