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When loading a wide substrate to a large format printer, the user should place first one

end of the substrate and then the other end, with the risk of getting unloaded the first

end threaded, because of the curling of the substrate itself. This problem can be an

annoying action every time the user needs to load a substrate into the printer.

Usually, in printers with wide supporting substrate, typically more than 64”, this activity

is performed by 2 users, each one at each end of the substrate.

This limitation can be overcome by using the proposed solution: Substrate Load

Handle Helper. This is a piece of plastic having one thick end, such as a wedge,

allocated on the substrate entry lateral plate. With this tool, the printer can hold one of

the substrate’s edges while the user can comfortably load the other side without

worrying about losing the edge already inserted.

It also avoids the substrate being crumpled due to the attempts to feed it substrate

through loading zone which may cause crashes with the printhead carriage due to a

skewed insertion through the printing zone generating paper jams and waste of


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