This disclosure describes a method to expand a given set of numerical values to yield a larger set of numerical values. A web browser and a search engine are used as the main utility in this method. Users of the search engine type search query to the web browser and click the search button to execute the search. The search engine has given each browser in each user’s device a particular ID. These IDs are recoded when the users click the search buttons in their web browsers. The recorded IDs are stored in a database according to the order of the times at which the corresponding users of the related web browsers clicked the search button. These ID values are mapped into corresponding 1024-bit numerical values by the search engine. This procedure is performed for a time period of three days. After collecting the user IDs and mapping them into 1024-bit values, multiplying mechanisms are performed on the dataset to obtain a set of new numerical values, where the new set is larger than the initially collected set of numerical values.

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Creative Commons License
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