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With the increased demands of customers, and intelligence as well as “Smart” elements included in

personal computing, the need to have a longer sleep period but quick access to data and resources is of

paramount importance. To cater to this demand, the PC market is moving all systems from the legacy Suspend

(S3) behavior to a Modern Standby where all devices are self‐powered and provide a capability for near

instant‐on functionality.

Ideally, the devices associated with these states will become idle and are expected to enter their lowest idle

power state. This state is often referred to as Deepest Runtime Idle Power State (DRIPS). However, in some

condition this mechanism not performed perfectly.

As the goal to always increase customer silicification , we sincerely investigate some bad user experience

from customer, random wake up, battery drain, overheating in a bag while commuting, sleeping problems at

the end of the day... cause just wakes in the middle of the night….etc,

This invention is to design an algorithm allowing system to retry the Modern Standby by detecting the Modern Standby DRIPS low.

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Creative Commons License
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