This publication describes techniques and apparatuses to increase biometric security and enhance user experience by accounting for an installation or removal of a screen protector on a smartphone that utilizes an under-display fingerprint sensor (UDFPS) embedded under a display screen. The installation or the removal of the screen protector is detected by the smartphone utilizing the UDFPS, the display screen, or other sensors embedded under the display screen (e.g., an optical proximity sensor).

After detecting the installation or the removal of the screen protector, the smartphone then determines whether a user attempting to gain access to the smartphone is a verified user or an unverified user. To do so, the smartphone prompts the user to utilize an alternative (to biometric) verification process. If the smartphone, using the alternative verification process, determines that the user is a verified user, the smartphone deletes a first enrolled fingerprint image used to match one or more verify fingerprint image(s). Lastly, the smartphone prompts the verified user to start a new enrollment process to capture and save a second enrolled fingerprint image. The smartphone uses the second enrolled fingerprint image to match any future verify fingerprint images until another installation or removal of a screen protector is detected.

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Creative Commons License
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