Online platforms that host content such as video, audios (e.g., podcasts), news articles, research papers, etc. typically include features that enable users to provide comments and/or ratings for individual content items. Users often leave comments or ratings for content without viewing it. This disclosure describes techniques to verify that a user that provides feedback, e.g., comments or ratings, for an online content item has actually viewed it. Feedback from the user is displayed on the platform alongside a status indicator that indicates whether the user is a verified viewer of the content item. Verification of viewership can be performed in any suitable way, e.g., for audio/video content, the portion of the content viewed can be compared to a threshold to verify the user’s viewership status. The user status can also be included when a user shares content outside the platform, e.g., via a link. The user status can also be used to determine a display priority for feedback from various users.

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Creative Commons License
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