Anupam Mukherjee


In a unified communications (UC) environment, the Call Manager (UCM) application contains a call control layer in which a digit analysis module supports the transformation of called and calling numbers and the determination of a routing decision. Such activities are typically complex and computationally intensive. To address such challenges techniques are presented herein that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) models (such as Artificial Neural Network (ANN) models) that are, among other things, customized and trained (based on, for example, customer requirements) in a cloud to, among other things, augment the number transformation and routing decision processes. Under aspects of the techniques presented herein a dialing plan may be offloaded from a UCM configuration workflow and moved to a collaboration cloud for centralized dialing plan management. Such an approach will reduce the complexity of the call control layer which will, in turn, make the UCM faster and computationally cheaper.

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Creative Commons License
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