With the advent of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices being utilized in enterprise deployments, industry is heading towards the deployment of Fifth Generation (5G) technologies in enterprise networks with regulators around the globe opening private as well as shared spectrum to facilitate 5G usage. In enterprise private 5G deployments with use-cases such as factory automation, etc. there is need for minimal service disruptions. Additionally, the UE/subscriber session scale will be increased for 5G deployments and the number of applications having critical use-cases with low latency and high bandwidth will also increase. With all these niches and for supporting URLLC use-cases comes the need for radio access network (RAN) and packet core systems to properly function with no service disruption most of the time. Presented herein are techniques to provide a 5G core system (5GC) system as a self-healing network that facilitates network assurance for enterprise private 5G deployments.

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Creative Commons License
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