Various technical specifications, such as Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) specifications, define various functional splits that can be utilized for a Fifth Generation RAN (5G-RAN). For example, Split option 2 and Split option 7.2 are the typical implementations, and Split option 6 (Physical layer/femto application platform interface (PHY/FAPI)) is likely to be prevalent soon. Split option 7.2 is fronthaul heavy and involves strict latency budgets. For example, Split option 7.2 needs roughly four times the bandwidth of Split option 2/6 for the same amount of user plane throughput. Presented herein is a system in which a RAN Radio Unit (RU) can be operated simultaneously in two connectivity split options in order to cater to different use-cases simultaneously.

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Creative Commons License
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