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Metals such as aluminum and steel are known to be frequently selected materials to fabricate domestic appliances. However, the use of metal increases cost of production and overall weight. The present invention solves the above-mentioned problems by providing an appliance with a high rigidity-low weight housing. In an embodiment of the present invention, a domestic appliance comprises a housing with a modular assembly. Moreover, the modular assembly comprises sections made of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). Additionally, the modular assembly forms one or more component recesses, contours, channels, and cavities shaped to accept and allocate other electrical and mechanical components of the appliance. In a further preferred embodiment, a domestic appliance comprises a framed structure and a housing, both which can be fully or partially made of EPP. The housing further comprises modular sections that are shaped as panels. The modular sections may be configured to be mounted to the framed structure of the appliance. The above- mentioned modular sections provide a structure that reduces overall weight and contributes to a faster, simplified and less costly manufacture of the appliance.

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