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The multiple sources of chipset on the same product is a trend due to chipset shortage.

But the multiple sources will cause bad user experience when user downloads the

drivers and firmware from website. Users see the multiple drivers and firmware for the

same type of device because multiple sources of chipset. For example, we use the

Conexant audio chipset or Realtek audio chipset on the same notebook. It can prevent

the notebook stop shipping if Conexant audio chipset is shortage. But user will see the

two audio drivers for his unit and user doesn’t know which audio chipset on his unit.

The user experience is bad when user downloads the driver from website. We provide

Smart Website for Driver and Firmware Download (SWDFD). The smart website will

detect the system information and hardware configuration on the unit when user search

the drivers and firmware from website. The website only shows the correct driver and

firmware on website for user to download. It can improve the user experience

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Creative Commons License
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