Networking equipment can be deployed in environments involving polluted airspaces and other non-optimal environments involving humidity, high temperature, high pollution content, etc. Additionally, a significant factor that can be corrosive to electronic devices is the presence of sulfur-dioxide, which can be found in many forms of air pollution. Although it is often recommended to control such environmental conditions/factors, some locations and/or circumstances may limit the ability to control environmental conditions/factors. To improve the operability of electronic devices in caustic/corrosive environments, a corrosion-resistant shield is presented herein that provides a new approach to facilitate corrosion protection for electronic devices instead of conventional conformal coatings. The corrosion-resistant shield can be produced from an affordable material that is replaceable, customizable, and can be targeted to a wide-range of electronic products that may be deployed in moderately corrosive environments.

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Creative Commons License
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