This publication describes methods and techniques for placing a mobile device (e.g., a smartphone, a tablet) in an Exercise Mode. The Exercise Mode is an On-Off device setting enabling users to focus on their exercises by temporarily suppressing incoming notifications (e.g., declining incoming phone calls, silencing text messages, ignoring alerts) when activated. In aspects, the Exercise Mode is activated either manually by a user or automatically by an Exercise Manager. The Exercise Manager is an algorithm (e.g., machine-learned algorithm) configured to analyze a plurality of signals generated by sensors (e.g., inertial sensors, location sensors, heart rate monitors) from one or more devices and determine if a user is exercising. The Exercise Manager can activate or deactivate the Exercise Mode based on its determination of whether a user is about to start (e.g., analyzing a calendar application and identifying activity entries indicating exercise), currently engaged in (e.g., analyzing signals produced by sensors relating to user activity), or ending an exercise. Further, the Exercise Manager can offer smart recommendations (e.g., proper nutrition and hydration) to a user.

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Creative Commons License
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