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This disclosure describes techniques to manage cloud resources by categorical generalization and by homotopy type deductions and constructions. Per the techniques, a foundation, a framework, and an internal-homotopy are developed for cloud resource management. Cloud resource management is developed by giving direct access to the induction principal without application of small object argument. An inner anodyne with a division algorithm transforms in nite resources to nite usage measures. An additive and a multiplicative structure implements the inner anodyne. The techniques leverage topoi, similar to an alternative universe, such that homotopy can be applied to cloud resource management. Inner bration is developed by eviction procedure. A block-based eviction procedure constructs cardinals to solve sizing issues with a su cient supply of universes. Minimal models implement the framework where evictions construct terminals. Both inner anodyne of structures and inner bration of evictions are stable. Examples are provided of the framework of cloud resource management frame as minimal models with stability.

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Creative Commons License
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