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There is described a hinge assembly (5) for a domestic appliance (1) having at least a main body (2) and a door (4) moveably connected to the main body (2) at least between an open position and a closed position. The hinge assembly (5) comprises at least a kinematic arrangement (6) for controlling the movement of the door (4) between the open position and the closed position, a connecting arm (7) and a main hinge body (8) pivoted to the connecting arm (7) and being angularly moveable around a first pivot axis (A) and carrying the kinematic arrangement (6). The main hinge body (8) is designed such to be arrangeable within a seat of the domestic appliance (1) independently on whether the domestic appliance (1) is of a first type or of a second type. The connecting arm (7) is designed such that the relative position of the first pivot axis (A) with respect to the main hinge body (8) is independent on whether the main hinge body (8) is arranged within the seat of the domestic appliance (1) of the first type or the second type.

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