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People in shared online environments, e.g., video conferences, shared multiplayer environments, live streaming, etc. may have concerns that others can record their transmitted content without their knowledge or stream an online event to unknown destinations without permission. Not only is this a privacy risk for the individuals being recorded, the streaming of background music and effects with licensing restrictions can violate property rights of the holders of the content rights.

This disclosure describes techniques that enable participants that transmit content online in a shared environment to mitigate the risks of surreptitious recording and/or streaming of their content. With user permission and in accordance with their preferences, irreversible transformations are made to the video, audio, and text streams from a person or owned by a license holder to remove identifiable information from unauthorized recording or streaming. Content transformations can include pixelation, blurring, replacement with an avatar or computer-generated video, use of a default image, speech synthesis, etc. The described techniques ensure that content can be provided as a stream with confidence that the transmitted content does not violate user privacy or content usage licenses.

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Creative Commons License
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