Voxels (volumetric pixels) are virtual cubes that can be used to construct, model, or analyze virtual three-dimensional objects. Voxels find extensive use in video game design, animation, three-dimensional printing, etc. Software modeling of voxel objects is difficult for a designer working on a two-dimensional computer screen because voxel placement in the third dimension (perpendicular to the computer screen) can be ambiguous or obscured.

This disclosure describes a simple, low-cost, and expandable hardware interface and accompanying software to intuitively model or define voxel-based 3D objects. The base has a matrix of connectors. A number of cubic pieces or physical voxels of different colors are provided that have connectors on each of their six sides. The cubic pieces can be connected to a connector on the matrix or to any other cubic pieces to form a three-dimensional object over the base. A scan command issued over the accompanying software translates the physical voxel object into a virtual voxel model.

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Creative Commons License
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