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The system is busy after the Out-of-box experience (OOBE). For example, windows

update, mail download, search Index create, antivirus and so on. The fan noise and skin

temperature will be high easily because the system is busy above activities in a few

days (we define this period after the OOBE, as AOOBE period). Some activities are

background processes. User may not aware the system is busy by these processes.

The user experience is bad for the fan noise, skin temperature and system performance

during AOOBE period. We provide a method to improve user experience during the

AOOBE period. We can detect the system is in the AOOBE period and then control fan

speed and suspend background processes are not “must do” process when system is

busy in the AOOBE period. The suspend background processes will be resumed when

system is idle. It can improve user experience for fan noise, skin temperature and

system performance

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