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The invention relates to a cooking oven, which can accommodate food. The oven can be a microwave oven or a conventional heating oven with a microwave oven feature. The cavity of the oven into which the food is pushed has a flange at an edge facing the oven flap, which delimits the opening of the cavity. A front frame is attached to the flange, which is arranged between the oven flap and the flange when the oven flap is closed. It is proposed to weld the front frame to the flange so that there is no gap between the flange and the front frame. The effect that results from the elimination of the gap by welding of the front frame is that there is no channel-like connection between the interior of the cavity of the oven and the outer space surrounding the cavity. Therefore, microwave radiation cannot escape from the cavity. This means that no components, such as the electronic components of the oven or other devices in the vicinity, can be damaged by the microwave radiation, which would otherwise escape and interact with the electronic components.

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