Meeting sharing involving video collaboration tools typically occurs over multiple devices, which often have different screen sizes. When attending a meeting on a small screened device, it is sometimes difficult for a user to determine the focus area (or a Region of Interest) of a screen that is being shared. For example, while sharing a picture of a scenery and while describing an object, a user attending a meeting that is using a smaller screen (e.g., from a mobile device) may need to scroll and zoom to a particular area. Additionally, this issue may occur for instances involving sharing from a mobile screen when receptors have a larger screen as it can be difficult to determine the focus area on a larger screen. Presented herein are techniques to address these issues using existing audio and video inputs to make an educated guess regarding the focus area for a presentation. In particular, the techniques may include highlighting a focus area (e.g., using a marking or zooming to a particular area) by interpreting a presenter's voice, using eyeball tracking techniques, and preparing a focus area using voice cues. The techniques herein may further provide for dynamically rendering a presentation or other content/shared video on receiver screens such that a receiving user has the best view at which the most relevant content is visible and legible.

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Creative Commons License
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