Many current systems require a user account to access system features or allow a guest mode to skip account creation. In collaboration software that includes a guest mode, there are two features that are currently supported: (1) Joining a meeting via a guest mode, and (2) Guest mode for an entire application using an anonymous token, which is a token for a particular session only and needs another guest session on re-entry; the guest session is not persisted on retry. As a result, it is critical to solve the problem of onboarding allowing users to enter the system easily in a "Try Now" or "Guest Mode" that provides a full-feature rich experience that a user would get if the user had signed-up for an account. The problem is even more challenging for collaboration software that utilizes end-to-end encryption. This proposal provides techniques to leverage the existing Open Authorization (OAuth) flow by deferring email verification and password creation to reduce the time involved to join a guest session in an end-to-end collaborative system. By utilizing techniques of this proposal, a persistent guest session can be facilitated on a given client device and a clear path can be provided to upgrade to a full free and/or paid account.

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Creative Commons License
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