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A Voxel is the minimal subdivision of a space at the resolution that a device is working. A Voxel Data

Pipeline aims to produce the voxel representation of the content to be consumed by the device from

some input representation, usually as vector data (e.g. triangle meshes). During this process, in most

of the cases it is required that the content 3D geometry suffers one or more transformations to apply

certain compensations which are device specific. Examples are scaling, surface offsets or color

corrections which are required by a 3D Printer to produce the part with the expected part quality

attributes, or a 3D Viewer to represent the content the more accurately possible. Validating the output

of a Voxel Data Pipeline during the development process is very complex due to the high amounts of

voxel data being produced. This makes it not feasible to be manually validated. In this disclosure we

present a framework for validating Voxel Data Pipelines which is intended to execute the validations

automatically and periodically so that any deviation with respect to the expected result is catch the

earliest possible in the software/firmware development cycle.

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Creative Commons License
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