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The invention relates to a lid with a magnetic stirrer for cookware, which is heated by a surface-cooking home appliance, e.g., a hob appliance. The magnetic stirrer is formed in a rod shape, detachable from the lid, and includes a sensor for detecting either the internal temperature of the cookware or the rotational speed of the stirrer. The hob appliance includes a control unit, a heating unit, and a rotational driving unit, which are beneath the cooktop of the hob appliance. The heating unit is configured to heat the cookware placed on the cooktop, and the rotational driving unit is configured to drive the rotation of the stirrer inside the cookware. The control unit is configured to perform closed-loop control of the heating unit and the rotational driving unit in terms of the analyzed results from the measured signals sent from the sensors.

Accordingly, the invention provides a lid with a magnetic stirrer capable of improving the operational performance for a corresponding hob appliance and supporting safety during the operation.

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